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The signs as drugs


Aries : PCP

Taurus : Cannabis

Gemini : Mushrooms

Cancer : Ketamine

Leo : Cocaine

Virgo : Crystal Meth

Libra : Opium

Scorpio : Heroin

Sagittarius : Speed

Capricorn : Peyote

Aquarius : Ecstasy

Pisces : LSD

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The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, often have introverted emotional lives. They guard their inner feelings and have a difficult time relaying to others how they feel.

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A few years ago at my school there was a senior prank where two goats were released in the school and were labeled “1” and “3”. The teachers and administrators spent four hours trying to find goat “2”.

thats hilarious

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randomly compliment people because sometimes that will be the only kind words they will hear that day

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i hate those friendships that just end for no reason you just stop talking

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